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Unknown Tay Conti (Taynara Conti) Facts: 8 Shocking Things!

Considered a future star in the AEW women’s division, Tay Conti recently fought Britt Baker on PPV for the women’s title at Full Gear. Her in-ring work has improved and her great looks coupled with her bubbly character quickly made Conti a fan favorite. Tay worked for WWE from 2016 to 2020, when he signed with All Elite Wrestling. Ever since she joined the upstart promotion, she has been very prominent. She twice became the number one contender for Britt Baker’s title, but she fell short each time. After working for several months on All Elite Wrestling’s sideshow AEW Dark, with a few exceptions, Conti has started to be one of the stars of AEW Dynamite. She participated in AEW All Out’s Casino Battle Royale,  but failed to stay in the ring until the end to earn a title shot against Britt Baker. She later obtained it and fought against the champion in AEW Full Gear, although she lost the opportunity for her to fall in defeat. 

Tay Conti: 8 Crazy Facts About The Brazilian Female Wrestler! 

1. Tay Conti separated from her husband in 2021: 

The Brazilian fighter responded to a fan on Instagram, confirming that she had parted ways with her ex Jorge Conti from her some time ago. “We parted ways a long time ago,” Conti said. Tay Conti is usually secretive about her personal life. This is a great revelation from the Brazilian star. The news, of course, freaked out lonely fans on Twitter and Instagram who now think they have a chance. Fans from all over the world probably think this is their chance to date Tay. 

The truth was spilled when a fan asked Tay why she hadn’t been posting photos of her husband, Jorge on Instagram. Jorge Conti was a bronze medalist in Judoka at the 2017 US Judo Open. The two married in 2017. Tay revealed that the couple is no longer together on her Instagram story back in 2021. While Tay Conti will surely be inundated with creepy DMs, it won’t be the first time it’s happened. Peyton Royce, Sonya Deville and many others have come under fire for creepy fan behavior. Conti is just trying to be the best fighter that she can be.

2. Here’s where her name comes from:

Taynara Melo de Carvalho decided to go with the name Tay Conti because her last name “Conti” comes from her husband, so Taynara decided to use it as her last name in the ring.

In case you didn’t know, Taynara Melo de Carvalho aka Tay was married to Jorge Conti. 

3. She couldn’t go sleeveless:

The All Elite Wrestling fighter had to go through therapy to be able to work sleeveless in the ring. 

She was honest with her Twitter followers when explaining her insecurity problems regarding her way of dressing inside the ring. Tay has no problem showing pictures of her body on Instagram, but she suffers from a kind of insecurity disorder that has made her struggle with long sleeves for a long time.

“I know I always post bikini photos, but being in the ring with no tank tops and shorts has been a challenge. A mental insecurity that hardly anyone believes I have, but I do. After a fair amount of therapy and mental work, I did. We should all feel good in our own skin,” she wrote on Twitter.

Since her debut on AEW Dynamite, Tay fights without sleeves, a difference from her time in NXT that few people have noticed, but for her it is a very important and difficult change. We are glad that she has overcome that problem and she can fight without feeling strange because of her appearance.

4. Controversy:

Tay Conti and Sammy Guevara’s love story started wrong:

Speaking of Twitter, the pro-wrestling industry went crazy and made the Brazilian fighter Tay Conti close her Twitter account and block her comments on Instagram after she announced that she had separated from her husband, Jorge Conti. 

Soon after this, wrestler Sammy Guevara announced that he had broken off his engagement with his girlfriend of many years, Pam Nizio. Several fans accused Tay Conti of having been to blame for the end of the relationship between Guevara and Nizio.

Soon, Tay Conti and Sammy Guevara made their relationship official and it was true because some fans had seen them together around the streets. This information was initially denied, but it turned out to be true. To end 2021, Guevara posted a sweet photo where they both appear romantically kissing. 

AEW’s Tay Conti and the Big Swole/Tony Khan: 

Tay Conti has issued a statement after the fallout from Big Swole and Tony Khan’s statements. The reaction has been swift from fans and some wrestlers, but there are many on Twitter who are also defending AEW and pointing out that some of the names being promoted are from different ethnic backgrounds.

Tay Conti, who recently in 2022 challenged Dr. Britt Baker, DMD for the AEW World Championship at Full Gear, said on Twitter that she has been treated well at AEW. Conti had this to say on Twitter while promoting tonight’s AEW Rampage: “As everyone knows, I am Latina and I know the struggles. I have an accent and a cut promo on national TV is not something you normally see, but AEW & TK makes me feel comfortable and not embarrassed to do it. #TayJay vs Bunny & Penelope started almost a year ago and ends tonight. Look at us.”

5. Tay Conti didn’t know what wrestling was when WWE hired her: 

One of the positive points of the AEW women’s division is that its members do not accuse that condition of “ex- WWE ” so recurrent in return within the male cast. As competitors, only Serena Deeb and Tay Conti had a previous background in the “Big W”, but the little exposure under this facet that they enjoyed there made them almost a blank canvas upon arrival at Tony Khan’s house. 

But if today Conti’s talent in the ring looks completely natural, this is far from reality. Conti came to WWE under a development contract, having an exclusive background in martial arts (judo and jiu-jitsu), and as the gladiator exposes herself in Oral Sessions, it never crossed her mind to dedicate herself to the art of pankration until her test with the “Great W” and the recommendation of Arturo Ruas. 

“Wrestling is not something important in Brazil. I never saw her, I didn’t know her before. It was not something that was with me at all. It’s complicated because usually everyone asks, “Who was your favorite wrestler growing up?” And I say, “I don’t have, because I never saw wrestling until I got here.” But WWE contacted me and asked if I wanted to try out. And I said no because I didn’t know what it was. 

“I thought, ‘I’m not going to leave my country to go to a different country to do something I don’t know what it is.’ I’m not going to lie to you, I thought it was some perverted proposition or something. But then, I knew that Adrian [Arturo Ruas] was in WWE. I asked him and he said, “yes, do it, it’s a good opportunity. ” That’s how wrestling came into my life.” 

6. Tay Conti is a hero from Brazil: 

Taynara revolutionized WWE since she arrived, her appearance in the company allowed her to become the first fighter from her country to sign with the largest wrestling company in the world.

Tay’s sports career is mainly due to the club that allowed her to reach the highest places, the Vasco da Gama Regatta club. Taynara Melo de Carvalho aka Tay Conti has a black belt in judo and a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and before joining WWE tried out for the Brazilian Olympic team at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. As expected and coming from such a soccer-loving country, Taynara is a die-hard fan of one of the biggest in Brazil. She is also the first Brazilian woman to compete in WWE. Taynara started out in artistic gymnastics at the Vasco da Gama Regatta Club, but soon migrated to martial arts. First, Taynara fought for the project “Brasil vale ouro” (Brazil is worth gold) and then went to the Instituto Reacao, of the Flavio Canto judo.

Taynara was a regional champion and a four-time state champion. In addition, she was four times runner-up in Brazil. She joined the Brazilian team and participated in the European circuit in Portugal and Germany. 

7. She was part of a Wrestlemania: 

Tay Conti debuted in All Elite Wrestling in 2020 and she signed a contract with the company. Since then, she has been one of the regulars on the weekly shows and has become one of the most recognized faces in the women’s division. But back in 2018, Taynara made the leap and appeared in the most important event of all: Wrestlemania, the Brazilian was part of the women’s royal battle and although she did not win, she showed that the day she has to reach the big leagues, she will do incredible.

These days Tay is part of the Dark Order but halfway, she is not an official member but thanks to her alliance with Anna Jay, she is considered within the group as part of a subgroup.

8. Expertise: 

Tay Conti recounts how her departure from WWE was denied – WWE News, UFC, Raw Results, WWE SmackDown and more Wrestling. Taynara’s black belt is not an ornament, she earned it and more than that. After starting a sports career at Vasco Da Gama, she emigrated to Judo and thanks to that she competed for many years, having outstanding results. She was regional champion, state champion and Brazilian runner-up, the only “black point” in her career was that she did not qualify to participate in the Rio Olympics. Not only is she an expert in Judo, she’s also a blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, so anyone who wants to mess with her had better think twice. 

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