How To Trick A Slot Machine To Win

How To Trick A Slot Machine To Win

We will tell you about some secret glitches or secrets of slot machines that are often intentional or accidental, but the creators of the programs still allowed them and they mainly concern slot machines of the early 2000s. Almost all of them are fixed in new versions. But, as they say, the world is big, you look somewhere and there is such a device ready to help you in your gambling business. These glitches were real and verified not only by me. If you are interested in tricking slot machines to help you win big, this is just the post for you. Let’s get started.

Win More On Slot Machines

Slot machines are cleverly programmed

Each slot machine has a program with an algorithm for issuing winnings. Surely you have often noticed: that as soon as you reduce the number of lines, the machine immediately begins to produce large winning combinations on other lines that are not involved in the game. The same thing happens when the rate is reduced. It’s as if the device is mocking you. 

However, this is not accidental. Slot machines are specially programmed with an algorithm that always forces players to place maximum bets on the maximum number of lines.

Owners of slot machines have a sufficient supply of various “bells and whistles” to ensure that their gaming room will be a profitable establishment. Have you seen a sufficient number of people in the gaming hall with the imprint of at least some intelligence on their faces? No need to answer, it was a rhetorical question. So, any system that provides support for a huge number of players is, of course, configured for the majority.

A mathematical approach towards tricking slot machines to win

An approach to the main question “how to trick a slot machine to win” can only be achieved through mathematical problems, and for people for whom the theory of probability ended with the problem “If there are 2 white and three red apples in a basket, what is the probability that you will get green?” – you can leave. We continue with those who understand that the probability cannot be completely zero.

Most advisors practice this approach: “Charge two hundred and then three more, place a max-bet on three lines, and spin twice with a difference of 5-6 seconds.” This isn’t particularly useful, but you can try.

Avoid scamsters

On the Internet, on forums, you often find “advisors” on how you can play slot machines and win constantly

At least, the smartest ones are those who advertise like: “ If you want to know how to win on slot machines, there is a sure-fire way .”

You ask the advisor: “Tell me how I can win?” The adviser always answers something like this: “I have several ways to do this. With the help of the first, you can win 1 thousand, the second and third will allow you to raise ten thousand, and the fourth will make you so rich that Elon Musk will be mowing your lawn.”

The advisor explains that: “he sends you the first chip completely free of charge – for verification,” but others cost money: the second and third are $200, but the fourth is already $1000.

All these four methods are a common scam, as are all the tips like “Passing a small bet” or the like.

Another thing is that if you tell ten different people that you need to hit the buttons with your nose instead of your fingers in order to win big, eight will definitely try it, and for three it will work. Two usually get drunk in joy, and the remaining one will go to the medical center to add five more members to increase the winning effect!

Most of the advisor’s clients are such one-of-a-kind people.

The hit effect is always real: on average, 10% of those interested subsequently lose.

And when such an “advisor” tells them that now I can send all three methods for only $500? Do you think we might suspect something wrong?

He reports that he is now driving in a car from Berlin to Paris and he urgently needs to buy something (or send someone money or some other excuse). “Help?” – The horse usually quickly begins to calculate its benefits and sits firmly on the hook of the fish.

A simple Google search reveals that millions of people are looking for ways to win at online casinos every day using a variety of clever strategies.

There is a great variety of such strategies offered. Some particularly enterprising people even sell them for money, and also write books and conduct various seminars, webinars, and training. Any experienced gambler, not to mention casino employees, will tell you that this is all nonsense. Just think, if someone really knew the trick to always win big at slot machines, why wouldn’t they do that for a living, instead of teaching it?

Do “strategies” really work?

Strategies don’t work. And they cannot work in principle, since most often they assume that the player is able to “anticipate” the behaviour of the slot machine.

And this is basically impossible, since the machines use a computer program called a random number generator. Each subsequent spin in such a slot machine is in no way connected with the previous one. With each spin, the generator produces a new batch of random numbers that determine exactly how the reels will stop.

Each spin of the slot reels is a completely independent event. Watching the machines is useless, since previous spins are in no way related to future ones.

However, many gullible players prefer to Google all sorts of strategies that promise them a chance to “ figure out” how the machines work and predict victory. Some of these strategies have become particularly popular and have become widespread online. Even though they don’t work. Just like all other ways to outwit the casino.

How to beat slot machines – popular strategies

Most of these strategies do not stand up to criticism from the point of view of common sense even at a first approximation. Some initially seem realistic, but in practice they do not work.

Searching for a pattern in slot machines

The idea is to observe the results of spins over a long period of time and find some pattern in the behavior of the slot machine. Most often, believers in this strategy are looking for a certain pattern or “zigzag” in the form of symbols that the slot gives out. It is believed that when the machine is “ preparing” to give out a big win, it begins to give certain signs in the form of such “zigzags”.

This is complete nonsense. As mentioned above, each spin of a slot machine is a completely independent event. And the parameters of this event are determined by a random number generator.

Money management system

Another popular strategy involves not monitoring slots, but controlling cash costs. Proponents of this concept suggest setting goals for winning and limiting expenses for losing. This strategy is based on a very dubious idea that slot machines are gradually coming to give out big winnings.

Players expect the machines to gradually “ warm up” before releasing a big win. And according to this second strategy, at this moment you need to spend money on new bets.

If the machine is “cold”, i.e. there are no signs of an upcoming large withdrawal of money, you need to limit the bets.

A popular strategy of this kind is associated with the number 60%. You determine your gaming budget. And then you must exit the game if you lose or win 60% of this budget. There is one more condition in this system. If you haven’t won anything after 10 spins in a row, you are out of the game.

Play and run

A very popular strategy on various forums. Its essence boils down to the fact that you need to spend no more than a certain short period of time on each slot. For example, you should spend no more than 5 or 10 minutes on each slot machine.

Some people advise dividing your entire planned gaming budget into parts that will allow you to play 5 or 10 minutes at each slot machine. Regardless of whether you win something or not, after a specified amount of time you must change the slot machine.

It is not at all clear how this strategy is justified. Considering that random number generators inside slot machines do not work according to a schedule, it is not possible to achieve any effect using such a strategy.

Is it possible to trick slot machines?

Try to relax and enjoy the game. Place bets that are commensurate with the budget you can actually afford. And if you’re lucky, you might win. There is no other successful strategy for playing slot machines.

Calculating a universal indicator of the probability of winning in slots is quite difficult, since there are thousands of different types of slot machines with different numbers of reels, lines and winning combinations.

However, in all slots without exception, the chances of winning depend on the random number generator (RNG) and the return to player percentage ( RTP). In high-quality slot machines, the RTP should be at least 95%.

As for RNG, in a slot, for example, with three reels and six lines, 216 different combinations can appear on each of them. Depending on the number of winning combinations, the probability of winning them varies from hundredths of a percent to several percent.

Ever since the first slot was created, people have been wondering how to trick a slot machine. The history of the gambling business is closely connected with the emergence and development of various methods of hacking machines.

Let’s look at some ways that people have used to try and trick gaming machines from the beginning of the last century to the present day. We will also give a confident answer to the question, is it possible to trick an online slot machine?

The first methods of hacking slot machines

The classic one-armed bandits have suffered a lot from enterprising and roguish players. What methods did not arise in the inflamed minds of lovers of easy money. They opened them with a crowbar, picked them with screwdrivers and placed large magnets next to them. Most often, one could hear stories about players who know how to pull the lever correctly in order to be guaranteed to win. Of course, all these legends had no basis in reality.

Pests who damaged casino property with their “cunning” tools were caught and handed over to the authorities. The search for methods to deceive the slot machine continued.

With the transition of slots to electronic filing, the approaches to hacking them have changed. Stories about correctly drilling holes in the casing of devices and replacing boards with “hacked” ones have become popular. The most incredible legends told about special key combinations that made it possible to program the machine and make it give out winnings. 

Throughout the history of slot machines, there have been several cases where the firmware failed. Such devices were quickly taken out of service, and they did not manage to bring real profit to players.

Modern methods of hacking slot machines

Modern slot machines are 100% protected from physical hacking, since they are located on the Internet and are encrypted programs. However, there are a huge number of sites on the Internet today that offer various methods of deceiving emulators. 

They all boil down to changing the game code or installing additional software that will predict the results. All these methods are practically impossible to implement and are very dangerous. Often, a player, along with a “hacking” program, acquires a package of viruses for himself, and as a result, he himself finds himself in an awkward position.

Experienced players use a number of effective rules that allow them to trick slots to a certain extent:

Such simple rules have more than once helped many players win good money. Also, more importantly, they prevented you from losing large sums. So yes, you can (to an extent) use strategy to do well at slot machines, however, it is almost impossible to “trick” them to win all the time. If casinos allowed that to happen, it won’t be long before they shut down.

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