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Lio Rush: 14 Things To Know About AEW’s Ex-Fighter!

You saw Lio Rush as the Joker when he premiered in AEW back in 2021. A huge constituency of the AEW fighters combine their careers in the Khan family company with appearances on the independent circuit. Despite having a full-time contract with AEW, some fighters appear week after week on the independent circuit or in other companies, just as what happened to Lio Rush. 

Lio Rush: 14 Interesting Facts About His Life, Wife, Controversies, and Career

1. Mental health issues:

In 2020, Lio Rush participated in the program “The Challenge” on MTV, a bet that did not turn out well since Lio decided to leave the program due to the problems in his mental health that being locked up brought him. Unfortunately, issues with his mental health have been a recurring thing in Lio’s life.

2. Lio Rush is actually a musician: 

During the months that he was away due to personal problems, Lio showed another of his great facets: Music. On his YouTube channel there are several raps, with a video clip included. All this love for music he inherited from his parents, who were singers, even Lio himself said that his room as a child was steps away from his father’s recording studio.

In addition to music, On October 2, 2020, Lio announced that he has an Onlyfans account. On November 12, 2020, Rush was announced as a contestant on the 36th season of MTV’s The Challenge which is not related to music. But his face was on the video game as part of the Rising Stars pack of downloadable content created for WWE 2K19. 

3. His parents are also musicians:

Lio is an American citizen born on November 11, 1994 in the beautiful city of Lanham, Maryland, United States. His full name is Lionel Gérald Vert. Lio Rush identifies as a Christian as he is the son of Lionel and Leslie Aaronette. He grew up with his siblings as Lio was raised with his sisters in the same home. Rush celebrates his birthday every year on November 11 and his astrological sign is Scorpio. 

His parents, who are gospel singers, practice their own music and run channels on music platforms like iTunes, Spotify and amazon music. The couple managed to get great recognition in the world thanks to their music as they received the Faith Award, the National Gospel Award and the Stellar Awards. 

He has yet to share the names of his siblings as of this writing. Maybe later we will know more about his siblings. In terms of his education, Lionel Rush has not yet shared much information about his school or college details. However, what we do know is that it was in high school that Lionel’s love for wrestling grew because the wrestler mentioned that it was around this time that he began to fight. 

4. WWE:

After his successful fights, Rush was hired by NXT who offered him a contract. After signing, he made his first television appearance on October 4. However as Velveteen Dream attacked him, this appearance was short-lived. In the following episode, he was defeated by him. After the loss, Lio tweeted a joke about Emma, ​​a wrestler, and her reason for leaving WWE. This upset WWE, resulting in Rush being removed from all NXT events for an entire month. Later, he returned to television in 2018. Afterwards, he won several matches and defeated Akira Tozawa, as well as Noam Dar.

5. Lio Rush has an insect repellent mask: 

As we all know, Lio Rush has a unique blend of his clothing style. Previously, he also shared his orange and black colored bug mask that he wanted to wear in NXT. However, Triple H didn’t want him to wear it. There he put it up for sale along with his old gear, including a plethora of jackets, tights, vests and more.

6. Lio Rush’s wife and children:

American professional wrestler Lio Rush is a husband (you’ve seen his wife on TV) and a father. His wife’s name is Sarah Green. She owns her own handmade incense business. In terms of their love story, it goes back many years. The couple dated for many years and eventually called it quits. Then, Lio and Sarah got married on December 21, 2018. They have an amazing relationship and are married together till now and Lionel mentions his wife as his absolute best friend. Moving on to the other members, a new baby boy was born in 2020 and we know because they announced the gender of the baby via an Instagram post on December 10, 2020. While posting the baby’s photo revealing the gender of the baby on her Instagram post, Lio Rush’s wife captioned: I must have a female dog or something, I’m really outnumbered now. 

While people found out that there was a little boy on the way, they also googled that this wasn’t Lio’s first child, as he already has two sons. Yes, he is the father of two boys, Dakari Lorenzo Green (June 12, 2013) and Dakai Liam Green (February 15, 2018).

The children live with him and are beloved by Sarah. He often shares photos of the family, and it seems like they all live happily together despite her being a stepmom.

7. Lio Rush net worth: 

Looking at his career history, we can assume that Lio has had a successful career so far and the man is worth around 1 million dollars or could even go up to 3 million. The pro-wrestler earned his income through his wrestling career, this his music, and also contracts. Lio also was sponsored, and offered numerous contracts, especially in his musical field. Moreover, Rush also has an OnlyFans and a Youtube channel that has about 20k subscribers. Thus, being a gateway to another source of income. Currently, he resides in Washington, DC with his wife and son. 

8. Lio Rush once said he sees a lot of himself in Dante Martin:

The AEW star found himself in a manager/mentor role after Lio Rush finished signing his full-time contract with All Elite Wrestling. He was cornering young prospect Dante Martin and guiding him through the Tony Khan promotion during that time. Martin found himself in a solo role throughout 2021 despite being one half of the “Top Flight” tag team as his tag team partner and brother Darius was seriously injured for most of the year. Dante Martin won the hearts and minds of crowds throughout the year with his unparalleled aerial offense and athleticism, mingling in the ring with the likes of MJF, Miro, and The Elite. Towards the latter stages of 2021, Rush was paired with him as a guide. During an interview, Lio Rush revealed how the pair came to be, before praising Martin:

“He’s an amazing athlete and he’s so hungry and so motivated and he reminds me a lot of me when I was trying to make a name for myself on the independent circuit. You know, lucky for him, now we have AEW, this great platform, this secondary option. where people can come and make a name for themselves and be on TV and really make it in this sport,” said Lio Rush (according to Instinct Culture).

When it came to how the idea came about, Rush revealed that it was none other than Tony Khan himself who thought the pairing would work, saying: 

“I think he saw a lot of potential in Dante Martin, something that everyone sees, he is an incredible athlete, there is a lot of potential to be a star in professional wrestling and in AEW. You know, Tony felt like he could assist him and help make that happen.” my story of being a manager on screen and having the promotional work and skills that I have, he felt that I added value to what Dante, I guess, was missing.” (according to Instinct Culture). With Lio Rush in Dante Martin’s corner at AEW Dynamite, the matches sure were entertaining! 

9. Lio Rush has had a contract with different companies as he cannot be in one place:

It is impressive to see that Lio Rush’s stressful career has only been five years old, debuted in November 2014 and since then has gone through companies such as CZW, ROH and WWE.

“You see so many people within AEW working everywhere else and it’s right where we are in wrestling. These are exciting times. You see so many people appear in different places. and you never know who will show up where, announced or unannounced. The fans are so excited about wrestling. A show can already sell out without even having to name particular people and you could go to that show and see someone. It’s pretty well known that Tony is excited about his talent pool and as long as we’re safe and doing good business, then it’s good business for AEW. Not much comes up. It’s just, ‘Hey, I’ve got this show coming up, is it cool?’ ‘Yes, as long as it’s not mixed with anything’ It’s exciting. I was initially offered a deal and things happen, things change, the world of wrestling has changed. I will say this, this is no secret, this is me stating the obvious; I’m a lonely wolf. I go where I want, I like to put things on my resume and I like to work in different places and fight with anyone and everyone. We have seen it since I left WWE. I’ve been to AAA, MLW, AEW, and New Japan. I never like being stuck in one place, especially if I have no control over it.”

10. Leaving AEW after controversies:

In December 2021, Rush was in the middle of the controversy between Tony Khan, president of the company, and former AEW fighter, Big Swole, asking Khan to apologize for his criticism of Swole’s abilities. in the quadrilateral. Later, Rush claimed that he had met with the AEW leadership and stated that he did not consider the problem to be a diversity issue, but rather a racial insensitivity issue. He added that he was proud to work for a boss who was in favor of social equality and that he hoped to contribute positively to the issue.

Rush debuted for the company at the 2021 Double or Nothing pay-per-view, as the wildcard for the Casino Battle Royale match. In June he announced that he was retiring from the activity due to an injury to one of his shoulders, which had also given him time to think about what he really wanted from life. However, last September he returned to AEW after talking to Tony Khan and he convinced him to return: being involved in a television angle with Dante Martin and Team Taz. 

Although he has not been seen on television as often as once was, Rush has continued to work for New Japan Pro-Wrestling and will also be part of The Wrld PPV at GCW in Feb 202, in addition to showing up for the PWG Battle of Los Angeles tournament. Now that Lio Rush has confirmed, through his Twitter account, that as of February 14, 2022 he will be a free agent, who will he join? 

11. More controversies:

Other problems behind the scenes arose as most dislike Lio Rush backstage, not only because of his attitude but also because he refuses to do the menial tasks often assigned to juniors. Some of these tasks include carrying bags for the elderly, bringing water, carrying coolers, etc. However, Rush denied to the face making such a take for someone the others called ‘disrespectful’. Indeed, this news was widely reported where some were with him and some were opposed to it. After that, Rush released his statement stating that there will always be people with internal heat.

The point is, no matter what you do in life, no matter what road you take, you will always have people trying to tear you down”, said the ex-AEW wrestler. 

12. Does this mean Lio Rush will keep going through the Independent Circuit?

When Rush learned wrestling in 2014 at the MCW Training Center, he would get better and then debut at the 2014 Legends Tribute. He created a tag team called “Sudden Impact” with Patrick Clark and has been with the independent circuit since then. 

Now that his contract has concluded, and because he made a return to the IC in 2021, Lio Rush could keep fighting here. 

Back in 2014, he won the XV Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup, defeating Brandon Scott, Drolix, Matt Cross, Eddie Edwards, and Shane Strickland in a six-way elimination match on July 18. On October 3, he and his tag team partner Patrick Clark won the MCW Tag Team Championship, defeating The Hell Cats and The Ecktourage. They lost the title thirteen days later at The Ecktourage. He also competed for Evolve Wrestling where he defeated Fred Yehion on November 6. He lost his match against Ethan Page the next day. 

Lucha Libre Elite announced Rush as a participant in the Elite World Championship. On Thursday June 23, 2016, Rush defeated David Tita on day one of the World Elite Championship to reach the quarterfinals. On Saturday June 25, 2016, he was defeated by Michael Elgin. On February 18, 2017, Rush made his debut forPro Wrestling Guerrilla at “Only Kings Understand Each Other”, where he was defeated byRicochet. On May 27, 2017, Rush defeated Ken Broadway at House of Glory’s “Adrenaline” to win the HOG Crown Jewel Championship, ending Broadway’s nearly year-long reign. Rush lost the title to HOG World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Gangone in a title match at House of Glory’s “Never Trust a Snake” on July 1.

Lio made a return in 2020 after he made a surprise appearance on Game Changer Wrestling at their GCW Homecoming show attacking rival Joey Janela On July 25. The next night he confronted Janela in a losing effort, as he hinted at possible retirement. However, on October 10, Rush would return to GCW at Joey Janela’s Spring Break as he defeated ACH.

13. NXT Champion:

Lio is another case where a fighter is cruiserweight champion and world champion, his reign as cruiserweight was achieved in WWE, being the first fighter to obtain the NXT cruiserweight title, while in CZW, the place where he rose to fame, managed to win the world championship, a reign that only lasted 13 days but that served to go down in history.

During the last months, the cruise championship has undergone some changes, one of them was the name change, going from the name “WWE cruise championship” to “NXT cruise championship”.

This change occurred in Gulak’s reign, making Rush the first crowned NXT Cruiserweight Champion.

14. Lio Rush is an ROH champion too:

The ROH Top Prospect Tournament is similar to the NXT Breakout competition where the winner gets a shot at Ring Of Honor. Lio is one of the many WWE fighters who has won it, highlighting names like Dominik Dijakovic, Mike Kanellis or Ivar.

Six months after his professional wrestling debut, Rush was part of Ring of Honor (ROH). However, he was not signed due to his limited experience. After gaining more experience wrestling on the independent circuit, Rush participated in another training camp and, now with the support of Kevin Kelly, Steve Corino, Adam Cole, Jay Lethal, and Kyle O’Reilly, was signed as a contestant at the 2016 Top Prospect Tournament. Rush made his ROH debut on December 19, 2015, defeating Vinny Marseglia in a dark match. Rush went on to compete in the 2016 Top Prospect Tournament, defeating Jason Kincaid on January 9, and defeating Brian Fury on February 6 to win the tournament. ROH announced that Rush had signed a contract with the promotion, back on March 31. At Supercard of Honor X Night 1 on April 1, 2016, Rush unsuccessfully challenged Jay Lethal for the ROH World Championship. At Survival of the Fittest night a Rush defeated Misterioso Jr. Hangman Page and Sho in a fatal four-way survival match to be in the finals of the Survival of the Fittest tournament. The next night Rush was in the Survival of the Fittest match where he went last before being eliminated by Bobby Fish. At Final Battle Rush he replaced ACH in the finals of the six-man tag team tournament to determine the first ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions where he teamed with Kushida and Jay White and was defeated by The Kingdom. (Matt Taven, TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia). In March 2017, it was reported that Rush had given ROH notice of his departure. 

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