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Philippe Coutinho: 5 Things To Know About His Barca Transfer!

Brazilian football player Philippe Coutinho who plays as a midfielder for Aston Villa FC of the English Premier League was born in Rio de Janeiro. He trained at Vasco de Gama, came from Liverpool to Barcelona to fill the gap left by Andrés Iniesta, and returned to English football having played 106 games as a Barça player, with 26 goals scored. In the 2019-2020 season, he already played on loan at Bayern Munich, scoring two goals in the overwhelming 8-2 victory that the German club inflicted on Lionel Messi’s Barça in the Champions League quarter finals. Coutinho, 63 times international with the Brazilian team, lived his best time as a player in English Liverpool, between 2013 and 2018, years in which he shared a dressing room with Gerrard. 

Coutinho’s entourage told Barça that the footballer had no intention of leaving in January. But all of that changed when the man was traded as a midfielder for Aston Villa FC. Prior to all of this, Philippe Coutinho was born on June 12, 1992 in Rio de Janeiro. Come along as we look at his career and some personal facts about his life! 

Philippe Coutinho: 5 Important Facts About His Trade To Aston Villa Football Club! 

Characterized by a great vision of the game and excellent passing and dribbling qualities, the footballer earned himself the nickname of the “little magician” and his qualities were praised by Brazilian legend Pelé who predicted a great future for the player. No wonder Philippe Coutinho was included in the best eleven of the 2015 Premier League. 

The footballer is an international success with the Brazilian national team, making his debut in 2010 when he was just 18 years old. The young footballer first showed in his beginnings a remarkable technique that made him stand out in the lower categories of CR Vasco da Gama, which made him sign for Inter Milan in 2008 and continue in Brazil until 2010, the date on which he ended up definitely in Europe being one of the promises of Brazilian football. After a period of adaptation to European football, transfer to Spain through, he ended up signing for Liverpool FC becoming his franchise player. In January 2018 he became the second most expensive signing -after Neymar- in the history of FC Barcelona, ​​who paid 120 million euros for the midfielder plus another 40 million possible in variables. 

The Brazilian also had the most important representation of him at the national team level in 

the 2015 Copa América, the Copa América Centenario and the 2018 World Cup in Russia. 

1. Barça sent an SOS message to Coutinho and his agents in Jan 2022: 

Either the Brazilian was leaving now or the club was practically unable to sign someone during the January market. Without a doubt, it is not a ‘do or die’ condition, but it is key to unlocking Blaugrana’s salary limit in January. Coutinho was the highest-paid footballer in the squad back then and Xavi, with his decisions, had already made it clear that he is not a priority player for his project.

2. In early 2022, Philippe Coutinho left Barcelona:

The Brazilian player played 106 games for Barcelona and scored 26 goals, but the Barça club gave the Brazilian, who cost 120 million, to Aston Villa, who will pay 65% ​​of his salary. 

“The agreement, subject to the player passing the medical examination and receiving the English work permit, includes a purchase option,” announced the Spanish club, in which he has not finished settling since his arrival in January 2018.

Aston Villa, thirteenth in the Premier League, greeted the arrival of their new player with the message on social networks “Welcome, Philippe Coutinho!”, and he has been with the team ever since! But Philippe Coutinho also plays for the Brazil national football team as a midfielder. 

3. Philippe Coutinho’s trade cost would have cost 20 million:

Using the Brazilian, the most expensive signing in the history of Barcelona – the Barça club agreed to 120 million plus 40 in variables with Liverpool in the 2018 winter market – will play at Aston Villa until the end of the season. 

The Barça entity will not receive any economic compensation for the transfer of the carioca, so it will have to account for the total of its amortization (about 20 million). Yes, instead, the Birmingham team will take over part of the player’s record or 65% of his salary, as confirmed by EL PAÍS. An essential issue for Barcelona’s finances, which needed to lower the wage bill to be able to register the latest signing, Ferran Torres. 

Barcelona had been working on saying goodbye to Coutinho for a long time who did it without success, in the summer market. The injured Brazilian had missed the Copa América and was left without the showcase that the Barça team needed. But in England, they had not forgotten him. According to what they say about the player’s environment, he received up to four offers from English football. The one that most interested Barcelona was that of Aston Villa, which agreed to pay a substantial part of the player’s salary, one of the highest in the Barça squad. The signing, in any case, will not be closed until the footballer overcomes the covid and can travel to England to carry out the medical review.

The exiting of Coutinho gives a break to the sports management team. During the presentation of Ferran Torres, the director of football, Mateu Alemany, explained how the club’s situation was regarding the salary limit imposed by LaLiga. “We have been working on different routes and we are convinced that we will achieve what we have in mind”, assured the Barça executive. “If we can get rid of Coutinho and some other players, we have the problem solved,” they warned from the economic area. Barça, however, has to keep working.

In September, LaLiga set Barcelona’s salary limit at 97.9 million. But the club spends 470 million on salaries, according to the budget for the 2021-2022 campaign. In this way, in order to register new players, Barça must abide by the 4×1 law: release four euros of wage bill to be able to register one. For this reason, in the sports area of ​​​​Barcelona they were clear that the indicated player was Coutinho, who ends his contract in June 2023 and who has a salary close to 16 million net. 

4. Coutinho has left Barcelona before:

He had already done it in the 2019-2020 season, when he played on loan at Bayern. In fact, he even participated with two goals for the German team in the win in Lisbon in the quarterfinals of the Champions League (2-8). At Barça, Coutinho played 106 games, scored 25 goals and provided 14 assists. He now returns to the Premier, where he shone for Liverpool (54 goals and 45 assists) between 2013 and 2018. Coutinho came to Barça to replace Neymar. He leaves to slim down the wage bill.

5. Coutinho shines again in the Premier: 

In the Premier League, the Brazilian midfielder has shone again and feels very comfortable with the ‘Villains’, which is why he is pressuring the institution to execute the transfer option. However, buying him would carry some risks as Gerrard’s squad is not financially solvent. 

For this reason, the British team will try to carry out the sale of Danny Ings, with which they hope to be able to solve the problem and thus obtain the necessary funds to be able to sign the Brazilian permanently.

​​For its part, FC Barcelona, would once again be the great beneficiary in this operation, not only because of the 40 million euros that it will receive, but also because it would stop paying part of the player’s salary as part of the agreement for said assignment. One of the most important is that of Philippe Coutinho, who is on loan to Aston Villa with a purchase option of 40 million euros. However, although Steven Gerrard wants to keep the Brazilian, the team will have to make a great financial effort, since there are other teams that closely follow the midfielder’s situation.

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Philippe Coutinho:

What is Philippe Coutinho’s playing style?

Philippe Coutinho is an atypical attacking midfielder who can also play on the flanks. His main qualities are his speed of execution, his quality of passing, and his above-average technique. However, Coutinho’s short stature is a fairly significant handicap in duels.

What is Philippe Coutinho’s net worth?

Philippe Coutinho became a professional in 2007 in his training club CR Vasco de Gama, at the age of 15 he was elected best young player in the Brazilian championship, Inter Milan decided to enlist him but had to leave him in Brazil until his 18 years. Meanwhile, he won the AmSud U17 championship with Brazil where he scored 3 goals in 5 games. Coutinho even received his first selection in the first team. In July 2010, he arrived at Inter, his beginnings were difficult but he persevered and ended the season by scoring his first goal and signing several good performances. But the many successive coaches will never trust him, so he is loaned to Espanyol in the winter of 2012 to harden up and he has an excellent half-season in La Liga, thus making his return to Milan. Many hopes were pinned on him but Coutinho failed again and was eventually sold to Liverpool in January 2013 for just over 100 million dollars. 

Where is Philippe Coutinho from?

He is the Brazilian international footballer who plays as a midfielder at Aston Villa, on loan from FC Barcelona. He was born in Rio de Janeiro as the third and youngest son of Esmeralda Coutinho and José Carlos Correia, but he grew up in the Rocha district north of Rio, between an old slum and industrial warehouses.

Coutinho was a shy and lonely child, who first started playing football after watching his older brothers Cristiano and Leandro play with their friends on a local concrete football pitch. He first played futsal which allowed him to develop technical agility. After joining a local football academy at the insistence of his friend’s grandmother, his father is later approached at a tournament by Vasco da Gama youth coaches, where he takes a test and joins the center club training.

When did Philippe Coutinho debut in pro football?

He debuted with Vasco around 2008 before he was even 18 years old and then Inter Milan in 2013. The story goes that the Brazilian was first brought to light in 2008 by his training club, CR Vasco da Gama. Then Coutinho was voted best youngster in the 2007-2008 Brazilian championship and by June 17, 2008, he signs a contract with Inter Milan for five years and 3.8 million dollars, but he is loaned to CR Vasco da Gama until June 2010, until the day of his eighteenth birthday, since FIFA prohibits international transfers before the age of 18. 

Even before he was 18 years old, Philippe Coutinho was loaned in 2009 to Vasco da Gama and on January 25, 2010, Coutinho scored his first two goals as a professional player in Vasco’s victory against Botafogo (6-0). After scoring 5 goals in 43 games this season with Vasco, he returned to Inter Milan where he continued as a true pro-footballer. 

On July 15, 2010, six days after turning eighteen, Philippe Coutinho was finally authorized by FIFA laws to join Inter Milan and he completed his first training session with Inter Milan under the coach Rafael Benítez and was officially presented to the media on July 19. By May, the newly established youngster scored his first goal in an official match for Inter Milan from a free kick.

But in 2011, the youngster returned to the squad after an injury and became the starter after a last minute absence from Wesley Sneijder forced the kid to make a remarkable entrance and score a goal. Philippe Coutinho proved once again that he has enormous talent. However, with a lack of playing time, Coutinho interested many teams including Liverpool FC. 

What is Philippe Coutinho’s best asset?

The Brazilian legend has a wide technical range, which he owes to his practice of futsal during his youth. Pure Brazilian number 10, in the line of Zico or Ronaldinho, he can play in different positions such as attacking midfielder or winger, or even as a midfielder. His running speed surprises his opponent and, not hesitating to hook and dribble, Coutinho easily infiltrates the defenses. He has a vision of the game that allows him to be one step ahead and give precise balls. The pocket playmaker is able to sense the fault lines of the opposing team and knows how to exploit them wisely. His quality of passing combined with a sense of the collective makes him a quality decisive passer. 

Although right-footed, Coutinho knows how to shoot with his left foot, which makes his shots unpredictable. The Brazilian can land powerful and often curling strikes from long range, similar to Steven Gerrard. Despite his attacking position, he is a good tackler and participates in the defensive effort. However, its weakness lies in the finish.

Coutinho receives a lot of praise from his peers, notably from his friend Neymar who compares him to “a crack” while his former teammate Gerrard describes him as ” magic”. 

When did Philippe Coutinho join Liverpool FC?

After playing just 8 games in all competitions, in early 2012, Philippe Coutinho went on loan to Espanyol from Barcelona until the end of the 2011–12 season. He then starts in the white shirt against Athletic Bilbao. A month later, he scored twice against Rayo Vallecano. 

The Brazilian showed off his technique in a home win against Racing Santander by scoring a goal and providing an assist. He scores a nice free kick against Málaga and closes the championship with a new achievement in a draw with Sevilla FC. Coutinho ends his short adventure in Spain with a record of five goals in sixteen games played. 

But when his loan expired, he immediately resumed training with Inter Milan but didn’t know he would be going to Liverpool FC soon. Yes, in lack of playing time at Inter Milan where he played only 19 matches in all competitions for 3 goals, he was transferred to Liverpool FC on January 30, 2013, for an amount of around 10 million dollars.

When did Philippe Coutinho join FC Barcelona? 

In 2018, FC Barcelona announces the arrival of the Brazilian player Philippe Coutinho who signs until 2023. The transfer amounts to an amount of 120 million dollars. His departure clause is set at 400 million euros. This is the highest transfer in the club’s history. 

Some qualities that made him the natural successor to Andrés Iniesta were Coutinho’s versatility and technical efficiency. 

A few days after signing for the club of his dreams, Coutinho made his debut in the Blaugrana jersey on January 25, 2018 coming into play against his former club RCD Espanyol in the King’s Cup. He scored his first goal next month in February against Valencia CF in the same competition on a pass from Luis Suárez, his former Liverpool team-mate 

By late Feb 2018, Coutinho scored his first goal for Barça in La Liga against Girona FC and also provided an assist for a 6-1 victory. Then on May 13, he scored his first Barcelona hat-trick against Levante but Barça lost 5–4, ending their 43-game unbeaten run in La Liga, one day before the league closed. In his first season with Barcelona, ​​Coutinho won the league / Copa del Rey double despite having won nothing in five years at Liverpool.

When was Philippe Coutinho loaned to Bayern Munich? 

Next in his career, Coutinho joined Bayern Munich on a one-year loan for 8.5 million dollars and a purchase option of 120 million dollars which began on August 19, 2019. 

By August, he discovered the Bundesliga was replacing Thomas Müller during a 0-3 victory against Schalke 04. Coutinho opens his counter in the league on September 21 by provoking a penalty which he converts before sealing a 4-0 victory at the Allianz Arena by delivering a pass to Ivan Perišić against Cologne.

The Brazilian will thus have scored at least one goal in the four major European championships during his career.

When was Philippe Coutinho loaned to Aston Villa?

Aston Villa announced the loan of Coutinho for six months, with an option to buy estimated at 40 million dollars on January 7, 2022. 

Since 2022, he has been reunited with Steven Gerrard, his former Liverpool teammate, who is now Villa manager. The midfielder agrees to a reduction in his Barcelona salary in order to return to England, receiving 65% of his usual emoluments and allowing Barça to reduce its payroll to register a new recruit, Ferran Torres. 

Coutinho played his first minutes on January 15replacing Morgan Sanson in the second half against Manchester United on Premier League Matchday 22. While his team trailed 0-2 at home, the Brazilian scored the Villains ‘ first goal and then scored the draw. 

When was Philippe Coutinho playing for the national team?

Mano Menezes summoned Coutinho in August 2010, to play with the national team during a week-long training camp. Then on October 7, 2010, against Iran (3-0), he played his first international match with the Brazilian selection at the age of 18. Holder played the first half before being replaced by Elias in the 46th minute of the match. 

Coutinho, who was a victim of very strong competition in the midfield, however, was not recalled to the selection for more than four years. He was recalled in September 2014 and stood out in a friendly match against Japan by delivering two assists for Neymar (4-0 victory) the next month. Philippe Coutinho also scored two goals including an assist for Neymar 

By May 2015, he was part of the list of Brazilians leaving to play the Copa América, replacing Oscar and the next month during a friendly match against Mexico, Coutinho scored his first goal in selection. Despite some good games before the competition, the Brazilians’ Copa run came to an end in the quarter-finals against Paraguay. 

Then during the next match in June 2016, in the second match of the Copa América Centenario, Coutinho scored his first career hat-trick in a 7-1 home win over Haiti. This victory, although promising, was not enough for Brazil to qualify for the final stages of the competition. 

Coutinho is part of the list of Brazilian players summoned by coach Tite to participate in the World Cup in Russia on May 14, 2018, representing his country. 

​Coutinho is present at the 2019 Copa America (despite a lackluster season at Barcelona) which is being played at home in Brazil. Here, the footballer scored twice against Bolivia in the first match of the Seleção in June and remains an indisputable starter throughout the competition. After Brazil reached the final and faced Peru, they already met in the group stage for a 5-0 victory, and won again, with a score of 3-1. Coutinho thus won his first trophy in the national team, the ninth for the nation in this tournament. 

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