Meet Russell Wilson’s Son: Win Harrison Wilson

Russell Wilson and Ciara’s youngest child is Win Harrison Wilson. In July, he just recently had his first birthday. A professional American soccer player named Russell Wilson and a singer and model named Ciara. It follows that Win’s increased attention and prominence after his birth is not a surprise. We shall know more about Win Harrison’s history in this article.


23 July 2020 saw the birth of Win Harrison Wilson. He is the younger son of singer Ciara and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. When he was born, he weighed 8 pounds, 1 ounce. His parents published formal statements on their Instagram accounts. The following day, Russell Wilson posted a picture of the pair holding Win. Just a few minutes after Win was born, Ciara also shared a video in which she sang Happy Birthday to their youngest kid. Later, to welcome him home, his family also planned a modest, private celebration.

Huge teddy bears and blue balloons completed the interior house decorating. Everyone compared Win to Russell Wilson when Ciara shared Win’s first photo after delivery. Additionally, Ciara says that the experience of having given birth to their youngest child was different. She managed her pregnancy and birth when the Covid 19 epidemic was going on. She added that there was one occasion when her husband Russell was unable to accompany her for the scan.

Gender Revealing

In January, the Wilson couple made the news that they were expecting a second child. During their trip to Turks & Caicos, Ciara posted a picture to her social media accounts with the comment “Number 3.” Later, Ciara made Win’s gender known on Instagram. In a brief, lovely video taken in the garden of their mansion, they revealed his sex.

Due to quarantine regulations, a couple chose to host a private gender reveal celebration. Every member of the family wore white clothing for the celebration. Later, once the rocket had exploded, blue light appeared in the sky. When it was all over, Ciara danced with joy and excitement. Furthermore, Ciara asked her kids what they wanted before starting the video. Son was the reply from him, while the daughter was the reply from Sienna.


For Win’s first birthday celebration, Russell Wilson & Ciara went all out. In the Mexican city of San Lucas, they marked his birthday. For Win’s big day, the Wilson family hosted a baseball-themed birthday party in their backyard. Win & his family donned “Rookie” baseball jerseys as a sign of appreciation for his being named the “Rookie of the year.” To commemorate his first birthday, he also had his name WIN, and the number 1 written on the back of his shirt. Win cake also had a bubblehead that resembled him.

How was Win Harrison Wilson named?

His first name refers to Russell’s accomplishments on the field. Russell also made NFL history by being the first and only quarterback to guide his team to eight straight winning seasons. Win’s grandpa, Harrison Wilson III, is honoured by the choice of his middle name, “Harrison.” He died in 2020 at age 55 from complications related to his diabetes. Harrison Wilson IV, Wins’ uncle, and Harrison Wilson Jr., Wins’ great-grandfather, both have the same name. Because of their close relationship, Russell gave Win his father’s name as the middle name. Russell didn’t just give his baby his late father’s name; he also did other things in his honour.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson, Win’s father, has made a name for himself as being one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. As a 2-star prospect, he attended North Carolina State College in 2007 on a football scholarship. Later, in 2011, Russell decided to spend his final year at the University of Wisconsin. He was chosen for the All-Big 10 First Class after winning the Big Ten championship. He registered for the NFL season after finishing college. He was chosen by the Seattle Seahawks with the 75th pick overall.

Only Russell had a significant influence right away in his first season. He subsequently equalled Peyton Manning’s rookie throwing record of 26 touchdowns. Additionally, Russell was named the NFL’s Rookie of the Year. Later, in season 3, Russell won the coveted Super Bowl championship. He has so far started every one of the Seahawks’ 145 games without missing any since his debut. Russell has also been selected for the Pro Bowl every season, save for 2016. He has consistently demonstrated this since joining the league because he is the finest at his position.

Russell has a 65.1% pass completion rate so far. He has attempted 4,335 passes, and 2,820 of them have been successful. He has also accumulated 4,506 running yards and 34,200 throwing yards. He has the fourth-best career passer rating in NFL history with 101.7. In addition, he has scored 21 touchdowns on the ground and 271 through the air.


Ciara, Win’s mother, is a well-known American model, singer, and songwriter. She is renowned for her dance abilities, choreography, and stage presence. Ciara has sold more than 7 million albums & 16 million singles globally since she started her musical career. In addition, four of her 7 albums have reached the top five of “US Billboard’s top 200 lists.”

In addition, Ciara’s first single, “Goodies,” went to number one on the Billboard charts for seven weeks straight. She then acquired the moniker “Princess of Crunk R&B.” 2019 saw the release of Ciara’s seventh album, titled Beauty marks after her labels. She has already received recognition for her albums and songs with a Grammy, three BET Prizes, and Video Music Awards from MTV and MOBO Awards. The international modelling firm IMG models and Ciara inked a modelling contract in 2016. In the same year, Ciara also signed on to serve as a brand ambassador for Revlon, working with them to develop several cosmetic items. Ciara has also been in several other movies and television shows during her career.

Net Worth of Russell Wilson’s Son

Although Russell Wilson’s youngster is just too young to begin work, he will undoubtedly grow up in a safe household. His parents are both successful in their occupations, businesses, and investments. Russell Wilson, his father, got the fourth-highest contract deal in NFL history in 2019 for a four-year total of $140 million. Russell Wilson will earn $32 million in the 2021–22 season. His estimated wealth of almost $135 million makes him one of the richest NFL players. Additionally, Ciara, the mother of Win, has a net worth of roughly $20 million.

Russell Wilson’s Social Presence

 Win Harrison Wilson has no social media handles because he is just a year old. On social media, his famous parents do, however, have a sizable fan base.

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