Maritza Masvidal: Jorge’s Ex-Wife or Ex-Girlfriend? (5 Facts)

Maritza Masvidal: Jorge’s Ex-Wife or Ex-Girlfriend? (5 Facts)

Rumored to be MMA megastar Jorge Masvidal’s ex-wife, Maritza Masvidal rose to fame in a dispute. Jorge Masvidal is still to confirm whether or not there’s any truth to this rumor about his love life. But as Colby Covington is taking his rivalry with Jorge Masvidal to more personal grounds, the UFC welterweight taunts his former friend Jorge with photos of a good looking woman he claims is Maritza Masvidal (Jorge’s wife) on both his Instagram and Twitter accounts. But since Jorge Masvidal has always kept his private life away from the public eye, even his children are hardly talked about, we needed to dig for answers! Speaking of which, let’s get into these frequently asked questions about Jorge’s ex-wife.

Who Is Maritza Masvidal? 5 Most Googled Questions, Answered!

1.   Who is Maritza Masvidal?

Maritza is the estranged wife of Jorge Masvidal and was dragged into the drama when Colby posted a photo with her on Instagram. She supposedly let Colby live on her couch, despite Jorge claiming he was the one who did it years ago. While not much is known about her as she deleted all of her social media accounts, she is estimated to be between 35 and 40 years old. Covington said Jorge doesn’t want people to know about Maritza, whose last name is Collado.

2.   Is Jorge divorced from Maritza Masvidall?

According to rumors, they were married and are now separated, despite the fact that there was no media coverage of either case. This belief is contrary to Colby Covington’s recollection of the events, who claimed that the two are still legally married. Colby also accused the MMA fighter of cheating on Maritza while they were together, even though she was the mother of his children.

3.   Who is Jorge Masvidal Baby Momma?

Maritza Masvidal: Jorge’s Ex-Wife or Ex-Girlfriend?

Jorge Masvidal has three children, but it is not clear who the mother of these children is.

The mother of his children is commonly believed to be ex-wife Iman Kawa, sister of MMA agent Malki Kawa, whom he divorced in 2019. However, when talking about Maritza Collado, Covington stated that Jorge “gave her two children and now he is an indolent father.” The names and ages of the children are unknown, as Masvidal prefers not to talk about them in the media, or show them online.

But if we were to answer the questions regarding Jorge Masvidal’s current marital status, presently, not much is known other than the fact that he was married to Iman Kawa for about a decade.

4.   What did Colby Covington say about Jorge Masvidal’s wife?

Maritza Masvidal: Jorge’s Ex-Wife or Ex-Girlfriend?

Former friends Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington have gotten into disputes so much so that Covington accuses Masvidal of cheating on his wife and even vowed to dedicate his victory to his rival’s ex-wife.

For that reason, the UFC took advantage of the opportunity and selected the former teammates in the ‘American Top Team’ as protagonists of the 272nd edition in Las Vegas (USA), where both went face to face to solve their disagreements inside the octagon. And if the expectation generated by their fiery rivalry wasn’t enough, the welterweights themselves former friends make a point of heating up the rivalry atmosphere even more.

Covington did not mince words On the media day of UFC 272, to attack the disaffected and took his provocations, even, to the personal scope. The ‘bad boy’ accused Masvidal of cheating on his wife, whom Colby made a point of highlighting the role in the beginning of their careers, and of abandoning their children (2 girls and 1 son).

Maritza Masvidal: Jorge’s Ex-Wife or Ex-Girlfriend?

The former interim welterweight champion also stated that, in case of victory, he intends to dedicate it exactly to Maritza, who is supposedly the lady he sat next to playing video games as witnessed by the photo on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

“You can’t believe anything that guy says. He’s full of lies, full of media manipulation to make him look like the good guy. He always likes to say I slept on his couch. No! It’s 2022. Get your gender pronouns right. I slept on her couch. And by her, I mean his wife, they’re still legally married, Maritza Masvidal,” Colby snapped, before continuing.

“The woman who sacrificed everything so we could chase our dreams together, so we could just focus on our dreams. And he was there, cheating on his wife, cheating on his kids. So Saturday night is going to be for Maritza and all the people he stabbed in the back.”

This whole situation is extremely awkward and at the same time funny because Colby Covington and Jorge Masvidal had a very close relationship when both were still taking their first steps in their MMA careers, acting under the banner of the ‘American Top Team’.

However, over the years, the friendship and brotherhood that existed between the fighters turned into rivalry and generated numerous exchanges of offenses and even threats on both sides.

Is it because Colby posted about the elusive wife of Jorge on Instagram referring to her as Mrs. Masvidal?

The situation took such proportions that both were expelled from the team they were part of, but only Covington really left the academy, transferring to the ‘MMA Masters’, also based in Florida (USA). Masvidal, in turn, managed to convince the owner of ‘ATT’, Dan Lambert, to let him continue to be part of the team.

Additionally, Colby Covington claims Jorge Masvidal is still married to Maritza Masvidal during an interview with ESPN MMA where he spoke about how things changed with Masvidal from best friend to bitterest of rivals.

“The guy has been doing false narratives and fake news all week,” says Covington “None of these journalists do their job, they talk about me living on their couch… No bro, I didn’t live on their couch, I lived on their couch and I’m talking about his ex-wife, the mother of his children, Maritza, Maritza Colado, Maritza Masvidal, they are still legally married. …just ask him ‘why are you trying to erase Martiza from history, why are you erasing her and erasing her from the internet’.

She did so much for us… he was a broke fighter, he was a loser, he had no sponsors, he didn’t know big money fights at the time, he was an up and coming fighter, I was a broke college kid so I didn’t have any money so of course… so she gave us this roof over our heads, put food on our table, cleaned the house for us all the time … gave him 2 kids and now he’s a deadbeat dad, he doesn’t want to admit…” Covington concluded.

5.   Who did Jorge Masvidal cheat with?

Maritza Masvidal: Jorge’s Ex-Wife or Ex-Girlfriend?

In mid 2022, Michel Pereira’s wife, Gina Amir, found herself in the middle of a call controversy between her husband and Jorge Masvidal.

Michel Pereira called out Masvidal following his split decision victory over Santiago Ponzinibbio at UFC Vegas 55, claiming that ‘Gamebred’ had sent his wife a praying emoji on social media around May 2022.

Jorge Masvidal responded by unearthing a screenshot of the interaction, which appeared to show Amir initiating the conversation (which drove her to defend her accounts in addition to setting her social media accounts to private).

On Instagram she said: “Society is always looking for excitement, and sadly, drama sells. Twisting the narrative to create a story that is false. I have never and would never do anything to disrespect my marriage or my husband. This account, as you can see, is a business account and more than 1 person has access to it. This is not even the way I would speak. Not to mention it’s from years ago and before I met Michel.”

“Michel and I would appreciate the respect as we are forming a family together. There is so much hate in this world that we don’t need to add to it. Peace and love to all of you.”

Interesting things about Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal punched Colby, got a felony assault charge:

Maritza Masvidal: Jorge’s Ex-Wife or Ex-Girlfriend?

For allegedly punching Colby Covington outside a Miami Beach restaurant, Jorge Masvidal’s felony assault charge is no surprise given their public drama. This is a good example of what happens when those lines are crossed.

Fighting style:

UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal is a fighter who prefers standing fighting, being gifted with extraordinary skills in boxing and kickboxing. The American mixed martial artist is best known for competing in the UFC welterweight division. In the year 2003, he began his professional career by fighting Nate Diaz.

Record holder:

  • Masvidal holds the record for the fastest knockout, which he did in just 5 seconds against the then-undefeated Ben Askren in 2019.
  • Jorge also holds the “BMF” title.
  • Back in 2019, he was ranked number three in the UFC welterweight rankings.

Weight and height:

Maritza Masvidal: Jorge’s Ex-Wife or Ex-Girlfriend?

According to his own statements, he weighs between 184 pounds when he is not training and 173 pounds when he is in training. He is known for not adhering to the strict athlete diet. In a recent interview, he said his favorite places to eat are Chipotle and McDonald’s.

Masvidal has two daughters and 1 son:

Jorge Masvidal has two daughters and a son with his ex-wife or ex-girlfriend, Maritza Masvidal, who he was with for over ten years. The son is two years old, and his daughters are 10 and 17 years old.

Florida native and meme worthy star:

Masvidal was born in Miami, Florida, the son of a Cuban father and a Peruvian mother.

He participated in two recordings of Miami street fights that became popular on the Internet, in which he is in charge of defeating Kimbo Slice’s protégé “Ray”.

His father served a 20-year prison sentence for murder and drug trafficking:

Jorge always wanted to be a boxer and as a child, he lived a difficult life, often involved in street fights. He practiced wrestling over the years at St. Brendan High School, then moved on to mixed martial arts. When he started wrestling in high school, but couldn’t get the grades to get picked on the team he dreamed of. It was then that he decided to become a professional mixed martial arts fighter.

After his father was arrested, all of the family responsibility was taken over by his mother. Jorge’s mother faced many difficulties while she provided a better life for her.

Nonetheless, his father is out of jail and proud to see that his son is doing well in life as his father even appeared during one of the emotional segments in MMA Video’s video. In the video, we can see the emotional bond between them.

Jorge was a pro-boxer:

He made his professional wrestling debut in 2003 but actually began his professional boxing debut on June 8, 2005. After training with Eric “El Tigre” Cantanos, he defeated Joseph Benjamin (1-11-2) at the Radisson Mart Plaza Hotel in Miami, Florida. Victory came by majority decision after four rounds. Masvidal has not competed in a professional boxing bout since.

Jorge has fought in well known MMA organizations (Strikeforce and Bellator):

Masvidal signed for Bellator and entered their tournament at Lightweight in April 2009. Masvidal triumphed in his first fight by TKO in the first round. However, he was defeated in the semifinals by Toby Imada at Bellator 5, who won in round three by submitting him via triangle choke. Sherdog and MMA Junkie declared this loss a “Submission of the Year”.

Masvidal went one on one and defeated Eric Reynolds at Bellator 12 in a 72.57kg catchweight via choke submission.

Masvidal moved up to the welterweight division to fight Paul Daley at Shark Fights 13 in Amarillo, Texas in September 2010 where Daley defeated Masvidal by unanimous decision. After this performance, Masvidal signed for Strikeforce. Here, he made his return in early 2011, facing Billy Evangelista at Strikeforce where he won the fight via unanimous decision.

Masvidal fought former Elite XC lightweight champion KJ Noons and the Florida native managed to clinch the victory at the end of the first round with a high kick.

Masvidal faced Gilbert Melendez for the Strikeforce Lightweight Championship in Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal on December 17, 2011 at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California. In a losing effort, he couldn’t win the fight via unanimous decision.

Following the title fight, Masvidal battled Wilcox Justin at Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Kennedy on July 14, 2012 where in a winning effort, he triumphed in the fight via split decision.

In November 2012, Masvidal was expected later to face Pat Healy at Strikeforce: Marquardt vs Saffiedine, but he had to pull out due to a back injury.

Entry into UFC:

Following the dissolution of Strikeforce in January 2013, the Florida native signed a contract with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He made his debut the following April 20 against Tim Means at UFC on Fox 7, triumphing via unanimous decision.

He immediately makes his comeback on July 27 at UFC on Fox 8, as a replacement for Reza Madadi against Michael Chiesa. Despite suffering a knockdown in the first round, Masvidal managed to clinch the victory via submission in the second round.

He went on to fight and win against many other fighters including Nate Diaz, Ben Askren, Daren Till, Donald Cerrone, Jake Ellenberger, Ross Pearson and many more. Additionally, he also won the inaugural UFC BMF title by defeating Nate Diaz.

Maritza Masvidal: Jorge’s Ex-Wife or Ex-Girlfriend?

Jorge Masvidal has a cumulative net worth of around $1 million which he earned through his professional career as a mixed martial artist. Additionally, he has earned $1,921,000 from the UFC, fighting in 16 UFC events. He earned the most from the UFC for his BMF title fight against Nate Diaz for which he was paid $500,000 excluding PPV sales.

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