Angela Price: 5 Times She Revealed The Truth On Social Media!

Angela Price: 5 Times She Revealed The Truth On Social Media!

Angela Price, the one and only wife of Carey Price, reveals the underside of her relationship and her family life on her social media. Not only is she controversial when it comes to vaccines and breastfeeding, but we also see the photos she shares during the playoffs, the family in the off-season, her clothing line, and much more! The least we can say is that Carey Price’s wife is very busy. In this article, we explain why she posts so much about 5 specific things!

Angela Price: 5 Things She Posts The Most On Her Social Media!

1.   Motherhood:

Angela and Carey Price have three children of various ages (and moods). While her husband, goalkeeper Carey Price is busy full time, it is up to her to take care of her small family of 3 children. She once spoke about the realities she faces with managing different personalities, stating: “Liv just celebrated her fifth birthday. She is an excellent big sister, playful, and of a rather calm nature. Millie is two and a half years old, my little ball of energy who always wants to play, or ride, or run everywhere! As for Lincoln, my baby is nine months old, and he is in love with his sisters. Bringing together three children of different personalities and ages around the same activity represents a great challenge for the mother that I am!”

That being said, one activity unites the whole family – the passion for hockey. “On game nights, [my children] absolutely want to wear their Montreal Canadiens clothes. Liv watches with interest and rejoices if the team scores a goal. But the one who is the most expressive is certainly Millie. Every time she sees Carey, she literally screams with joy!”.

2.   Her clothing brand in the colors of the CH:

Angela has been working on her CHic clothing line and on Instagram we see that she is the co-founder of “ linechangeco angela” and “”. She promises exciting news about her projects in the coming months and this revenue will add to Angela Price’s own net worth one day.

3.   Her husband:

Angela Price: 5 Times She Revealed The Truth On Social Media!

In a 2020 Instagram post, Carey Price’s wife, Angela Price responded directly to a comment about her husband’s salary.

After the pandemic reared its ugly head, the National Hockey League (NHL) was deciding what to do while goaltender CP was preparing his return to Montreal after spending months in Washington with his family back in 2020.

It was one comment on a post featuring multiple photos of Carey and her daughters, Angela wrote:  “What seemed like an endless quarantine is now far too fast. When Carey returns to Montreal, we will be staying in Washington State with my family praying that he and all players and staff remain safe. 🙏🏻 »

In the comments, one person wrote in response to how the woman was handling her long distance relationship, “When your partner is making over $10 million a year, distance doesn’t affect you that much”.

It was then that Angela responded tit for tat, saying in particular that it was “the most stupid thing that [she] has ever read”. “Our daughters, for whom it will be extremely difficult, do not care about the 10 million dollars,” she added.

4.   Her family dynamics:

Angela Price: 5 Times She Revealed The Truth On Social Media!

Carey  and Angela Price  have been married since August 24, 2013. They are parents to   daughter Liv, born in May 2016, daughter Millie who was born in December 2018, and cute baby Lincoln, who came into the world in October 2020!

On her social media account using the name: “byangelaprice”, Carey Price and his wife Angela Price unveiled a new video 30 weeks back in which they answer various questions on Instagram!

Questions such as which of the two is more far-sighted? Who is the night owl in the couple? Are they both ordered?

The lovebirds have fun choosing the answers in front of the camera. At the very end, a question that many asked was revealed: do they want another baby or is their family complete with their three children?

It was revealed that three was the perfect number and that they therefore do not intend to have a fourth child!

5.   Her blog which has received great success:

Angela Price: 5 Times She Revealed The Truth On Social Media!

Angela Price continues to work on her blog every spare minute she gets.  While her thoughts on blogging are governed by her own opinions, on her husband’s side throughout the series, she utters a few positive phrases into his ear to motivate him. “That said, I don’t give him any advice regarding hockey, I leave that to the professionals!”.

Here is a short excerpt from her blogging site:

Favorite thing to blog about?

Family and wellness

What is the main thing to know if I want to start a blog?

Time and hard work and there is so much stuff to learn!

How do you stick to a schedule, and stay motivated ?

I just keep pushin because it’s really hard, especially WFH with so many distractions (husband and kids).

Do you consider your blog a business?

Yes, crazy.

How much money does it cost?

“There are so many different options. I am sure you can get a blog up and running for free maybe on Blogger or a site like that. For me, I think I pay close to $200 a year for my webpage and then another fee for my domain name. Then, of course, you could add on a professional photographer and stuff like that if that is the direction you want to go.  Last year I invested and let a professional design my website”

Do you have an editor?

No, I currently write on Grammarly which can catch some of the larger typos. But having an editor would mean another set of eyes on my content before posting.

Per week, how much time do you work on the blog?

Any free time, anywhere from 20 hours a week to 40+ hours depending on what is going on with our life (kids, and assisting in Carey’s career

Do you do it all yourself?

Yes, but I want to hire someone aside from my agent that helps negotiate deals and keeps me on track for my required content.

How much money can you make with blogging?

“The possibilities are endless!

Paid work DID NOT hit UNTIL around 50K followers on Instagram. Once I got over 100K followers, that is when the real offers started coming in, and I think around that level anywhere from $30K-$100K is normal. Influencers with million-plus followers are gotta be making the big bucks”

How do you know what you are going to post?

“Each month I try to sit down with my content calendar, which is just a printed piece of paper with the month on it haha. But I look at what holidays or events are coming up and kind of start there. I also go off of what people are asking me or what you guys want to see”.

What other websites/apps do I use?

  • Square space for my website,
  • WordPress for the blogging component,
  • Lightroom on my computer,
  • iPhone to edit photos,
  • Planoly to schedule posts,
  • Unfold to make for Instagram stories.

What are your most popular posts?

My birth story post.

Do vendors reach out to you? Or do you reach out to them?

“Both. In the beginning, I was too shy and waited for people to reach out to me. But now if there is a brand or product I love, then I won’t hesitate to slide into their DM’s”.

Why do you work when Carey already makes good money, are you that money hungry?

“This question drives me nuts. First off I never wanted to be a stay at home mom. I always dreamed of having a career, but due to our lifestyle (and who I married and where we lived), I didn’t have a lot of options. I pride myself in being able to make the best of any situation, because when I started blogging, it grew like crazy, and I was able to see potential in that, and I ran with it”.

“Owning a business of my own again felt amazing, even if it was not the career I dreamt of”.

“Lastly, yes, we do not need the money – when you are growing a brand or a business money is a part of that and in a lot of ways how you determine the success of that business. I am picky with my content, clients, and my own money no matter the opinions of others”.

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