Know About Online Casino Myths and Whether They Are True or Not

Know About Online Casino Myths and Whether They Are True or Not

Easy access to Internet has revolutionized our day-to-day matters and our work styles. But, one of the industries that have changed a lot because of it is gambling and betting. In past, punters used to visit land-based casinos to play and place bets. But with the internet, they enjoy the same from their comfort zones. However, with the rise in gambling and online betting also emerged many myths and assumptions with time. In this article, we have mentioned a few popular myths many people believe regarding betting and state whether they are true or not.

Myth: Online blackjack supports card counting

Fact: in blackjack, you must have heard about many scandals that took place in the past in land-based casinos. The most famous is the MIT team which used the card counting technique to win card games in the casino. While the technique may sound straightforward, it can occur in land-based casinos only.

This means card counting in an online casino is purely a myth. In fact, card counting has been banned in many casinos and if anyone tries to do it where it is legal, they are asked to leave the casino. In online blackjack, the cards are shuffled when the dealer pulls out the cut card which is randomly placed in the deck. Hence, you cannot count the cards at all.

Myth: When you win too much, your game will freeze

Fact: this gambling myth restricts many players to play online. The majority of legitimate casinos offer online games that support both long-term and short-term play. Their design or game algorithms do not get impacted because of your winning or losses since it is all based on AI i.e., machine operated rather than manual. Whether you win big or withdraw money after winning from online casinos, they always pay in full after deducting pre-determined fees. Many gamblers in the past have also won jackpots in the online casino which proves their authenticity.

Myth: Online casinos encourage underage players.

Fact: The misconception about online casinos is that they encourage underage players by allowing them to register without considering their ages. Although underage users may access the online gambling sites or casinos, legal casinos with reputed names restrict their name enrolment due to age restrictions limits from 18 to 21 years. In many countries, online betting sites that permit underage players have to lose their licenses. Thus, many casinos use specialised tools that ensure no underage player uses the gambling platform.

Myth: Playing games in an online casino or betting on live matches is illegal.

Fact: While it is true that many countries restrict online casinos and live betting on sports, the fact is not completely true for many places. In fact, few countries promote online gambling more than land-based casinos, provided the casinos follow country laws and regulations. Moreover, reputed sites follow strict rules to ensure responsible gambling amongst users.

Myth: Casinos online divert attention from traditional casinos.

Fact: another widespread myth nowadays is related to this one. Since it’s the same business with two settings, many physical casinos possess internet platforms to lower traffic in their casinos, which improves their profit. Physical casinos can grow by using online casinos. Consequently, it is untrue to say that they deprive traditional casinos of revenue. They instead expand their market share.

Myth: winning in an online casino is almost impossible.

Fact: many people, particularly those having good experience in land-based casinos believe that winning in an online casino is impossible. But the truth is many casinos use random number generator systems which ensure fair play. Furthermore, legal and management bodies cross-check the number generation system to ensure fairness. Some believe that online casino games are scams but verified and licensed casinos offer games that are entirely based on a fair game with transparent conditions. Many have good customer support and land-based address where customers may reach personally.

Myth: Online cash withdrawals are time taking on gambling sites.

Fact: Many people believe that withdrawals take more than usual time in gambling sites after winning. The fact is, they are a lot shorter than other commercial sites which usually take five to six days processing time. There are many sites that allow instant withdrawals of money as long as all legalities regarding bank accounts have been met. This means, that money withdrawal totally depends upon the site used, your bank, withdrawal method and where you live.

Myth: Online casino promotions and offers are fake.

Fact: with the rise seen in the number of online betting and casino sites, many of them offer attractive bonuses and promotional gifts to new users. Many believe that these offers are fake and are used to lure novice players, however, this is not true. You can read reviews available online or deposit a small amount to check the fact to know that they provide these offers for real to encourage new players.

Myth: gamblers cheat more in online casinos and so, amateur players cannot win.

Fact: many people avoid playing in online casinos thinking that great cheating takes place there. But in reality, there are many protective shields guarding players against cheating. Many country’s laws restrict online casinos from encouraging players to deposit money beyond a certain limit. Thus, we must always select genuine and licenced online casinos to ensure that the site is not rigged.

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