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Jenni Hermoso: The World Cup Champion In The Eye Of A Sexual Assault Storm

Jenni Hermoso has been one of the best women’s football players on the planet for some time. And this year, she reached the top of the mountain by winning the 2023 Women’s World Cup with Spain. However, her name has become a global phenomenon for something other than her professional success as well. A scandalous kiss on the lips by federation president Luis Rubiales has clouded the success and happiness of the Spanish team’s unprecedented success. In this post, we will find out more about Jenni Hermoso. Let’s get started.

Jenni Hermoso: All You Need To Know

When was Jenni Hermoso born?

Jennifer Hermoso Fuentes, or Jenni, as her fans affectionately call her, was born on May 9, 1990, in Madrid. The future Spanish national team player began her sports career in her hometown, where she played at the youth academy of the Atletico club from the age of 14.

In this Madrid team, her grandfather Antonio Hernandez was a professional goalkeeper at one time, who became a role model for the girl. True, Jenni did not want to stand between the goalposts and preferred being more actively involved in the game. In the end, she became a midfielder. At first, Hermoso played in common teams with boys in order to develop her skills and in no way be inferior to men.

Jenni Hermoso: Football Career


Jenni Hermoso left Atletico Madrid at the age of 20, having by that time played 89 matches for the club’s youth and reserve teams, where she scored 29 goals. However, Hermoso’s senior career really began in the Rayo Vallecano team, with which the Spaniard earned her first title in 2011.

Two years later, the first international transfer of the football player took place, however, she did not stay long in the Swedish club Tyureso and a few months later signed a contract with Barcelona. By that time, Jenni had already managed to shine at the international level: at the 2013 European Championship, the midfielder scored her debut goal for the Spanish national team against England.

Jenni Hermoso played with Barcelona for five seasons. During this time, she became a two-time national champion and also won the Spanish Women’s Cup twice. It is important that while playing for Barca, Jenni moved to an attacking position, which brought her two titles as the top scorer in the Spanish league.

In 2015, Jenni Hermoso played at her first World Cup, held in Canada, but her team did not even manage to get out of the group stage, where the Spanish team ended up in last place, losing to the teams of Brazil, Korea and Costa Rica. The tournament was eventually won by the USA.


Jenni spent the 2017/2018 season in France, playing for Paris Saint-Germain, where she became the silver medalist of Division 1. Despite her success, the footballer did not want to stay at PSG – she was very homesick. The very next year she returned to her homeland, and to her first club, Atletico Madrid, for which she played 28 matches with a score of 24 goals.

Back To Spain

Since 2019, Hermoso again began to represent Barcelona and increase the number of trophies with it. For three seasons in a row, Jenni’s team won the national championship, took the Spanish Cup and Super Cup twice, and in 2021 triumphantly won the Champions League, defeating Chelsea 4-0 in the final. With six goals to her name, Hermoso became the highest scorer of the tournament.

Jenni’s career at the national team level also continued. True, the 2019 World Cup was unsuccessful for her national team. At the world championship, held in France, although Spain was able to qualify for the knockout stage, it eventually was knocked out by eventual champions USA. Jenni Hermoso finished the tournament as Spain’s top scorer.


In 2022, the player’s contract with Barcelona ended. For several weeks, Jenni’s transfer fate remained in doubt, but in the end, she moved to the Mexican championship, signing a contract with the Pachuca club, also known as Las Tusas.

Jenni Hermoso holds the record for the most Pichichi trophies awarded in the Spanish league with five. Jenni Hermoso is Barcelona Women’s and Spain’s top scorer of all time.

Who is Jenni Hermoso dating?

The biography of the footballer is told by her page on Instagram, where Jenni shares news and fresh photos. At the same time, Hermoso does not advertise her relationship and orientation, preferring to keep her personal life private.

Which scandal is Jenni Hermoso involved in?

In the summer of 2023, Jenni celebrated a triumph with the Spanish national team, in which she became the world champion for the first time. This historic victory of the “Red Fury” was achieved in Sydney, Australia, beating rivals from England in the final.

At the awards ceremony, the President of the Royal Spanish Football Federation Luis Rubiales, without restraining his emotions, kissed Jenni on the lips, which, obviously, went too far. Although the post-match video from the bus shows that at first, the football player seemed to find this episode nothing more than funny, later the matter took a very serious turn.

A public discussion arose on the Internet, where the functionary’s act was interpreted as sexist, disrespectful, and violating personal integrity. Rubiales hastened to post an apology video, where he assured that there were no evil intentions and attributed everything to the extreme emotionality of the moment. He asked Hermoso to join the statement, but the athlete refused.

At that time, the entire Spanish team was blazing with indignation at the official, and Alexia Putellas spoke with words of support to her friend. They began to demand Rubiales to resign, and if the demands were not met, dozens of female football players refused to compete under the national flag.

Hermoso stated that she did not consent to the kiss and did not like it. However, most of all, the athlete was outraged by the pressure from the federation, which convinced her to let everything go and even released a fake conciliatory statement on behalf of Jenni. As a result, the football player called herself “the victim of an unacceptable sexist act” and demanded the removal of the entire current football leadership.

Spanish politicians publicly supported Hermoso, and Rubiales’ act was assessed as an attack and sexual violence that could not be justified. The football community also massively condemned the position of the president of the federation, who refused to admit guilt. As a result, Louis was temporarily suspended by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, and proceedings began on his case.

After the incident with Rubiales, the football player got a temporary tattoo on her leg with the inscription: “#no summer without a kiss.”

As per the most recent news, Jenni Hermoso has filed a sexual assault lawsuit against Luis Rubiales for forcefully kissing her on her lips.

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